Consequences of the Skills Shortages impacting UK businesses across multiple sectors, has been well documented over recent years. New reports are released regularly discussing the scale and impact of the problem globally.

Infinity CEO, David Thornhill comments, ‘At Infinity we recognise it’s no longer productive to discuss the reasons why this is an issue. It is far more important moving forward to investigate how we can tackle the problem and put strategies in place to solve it.’

As a Managed Service Provider, specialising in Neutral Vendor solutions for Public Sector resourcing needs, Infinity was founded on the basis that a better approach is needed. We recognised that traditional MSP solutions are no longer fit for purpose. Typically they are characterised by poor supply from a disengaged recruitment industry, uncontrolled and non-compliant spend as managers struggle to find the resources they need and an approach that fails to address local worklessness issues.

‘Innovation requires insight and that is where we need the support of the industry’, says David Thornhill. ‘We need the input of Recruitment Business Owners and Managers and the experiences of Human Resources and Procurement professionals who face fundamental issues with finding resources on a daily basis.’

That is why Infinity is launching its ‘Be Part of the Solution’ initiative. David Thornhill says, ‘We would like to invite key stakeholders in the resourcing process, specifically Recruitment Businesses, HR Professionals and Procurement Executives, to contribute their knowledge and insights to the debate. Infinity will use that insight to publish a report on the true impact of this trend, but also how businesses might innovate and partner to future-proof themselves.’

Infinity’s goal is to work collectively to find strategies and develop initiatives to help address the impact of skills shortages. Specifically our focus is on continued support for Recruitment Industry growth, improved quality and quantity of resources available to employers and greater employment opportunities for workers.

If you would like to be part of the solution, please follow one of the links below to complete one of our short surveys.

For Recruitment Businesses

For In-House HR and Procurement Executives

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