Many organisations, private and public, are facing increasing pressure to recruit cost effective high quality workers in a climate of skills shortages, cost reduction and limited resources.

However, much of the cost that businesses bear in their recruitment function is down to the way in which many of them procure the temporary staff they consistently need to manage fluctuations in demand.

This is where having the right managed service provider (MSP) can help. Aimed at enabling you to raise standards and reduce costs in recruiting temporary staff, Infinity can deliver a number of business-critical benefits to employers:

Keep operating costs to a minimum

Managing multiple supplier relationships takes time and resources, and this can have a significant impact on your overall recruitment costs. By working with an MSP, you deal with a single point of contact who will manage, develop and optimise your existing preferred supplier list without placing onerous management subsidies or crippling cash-flow terms.

Access larger talent pools

Finding and retaining the skills you need at a time when you most need them is critical to giving organisations the flexibility they need to meet their fiscal challenges. Using an MSP, such as that provided by Infinity, enables you to tap into the widest possible pool of candidates regardless of whether it’s for a single hire or a sustained recruitment campaign. Your MSP will work with you to develop a tailored attraction strategy specific to your needs so you can attract, develop and retain the best available talent.

Free up your resources

The recruitment process can often be time-consuming and involve a multitude of platforms ranging from job boards and search and selection agencies, to social media and mobile recruiting. MSPs enable you to leverage your assets under a single umbrella ,which will eliminate the high cost and administrative burdens in HR departments.

Reduce your risk

Simply put, your MSP will serve as a one-stop-shop for all your recruitment process requirements – including overseeing recruitment business compliance and performance. This ensures that you have peace of mind that all suppliers within the MSP supply chain are as committed to sound, ethical and socially responsible practices as you are; mitigating any risk in an increasingly complex legislative landscape.

Raise your profile as an employer

Working with an MSP will ensure that your service levels are aligned with your business goals, that you have access to a major pool of talent, and that your processes and procedures allow for a shorter time-to-hire. This will have the added benefit of improving your employer brand which, by default, will also improve staff retention levels.

With hiring activity showing no sign of slowing down and public sector spending remaining constricted for at least a further 2-3 years, at best, public sector organisations such as housing authorities, universities and colleges, in particular, will continue to seek ways to ensure the adequate flow of temporary staff to meet their needs.

As an approved supplier on the SUPC (Southern Universities Procurement Consortium) framework, Infinity is fast becoming the MSP supplier of choice for many public and private sector organisations.

Contact Infinity if you would like to find out more about how our new approach to collaborative skills sourcing could help you source more, better quality temporary workers.