As the industry continues to rapidly evolve, the challenges for recruitment businesses are evolving too.  As clients becoming savvier to recruiting for themselves, shortages of high calibre recruiters and candidates continue. Salary inflation and candidate counter offers have become common-place, and recruiters are more and more compelled to find new ways of approaching the market and accessing growth opportunities. 

But growth activities require a large investment of resources and finding the time to develop new business opportunities can seem impossible. And in a highly competitive market where an estimated 4000 new consultancies are set up each year, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. 

Managed service recruitment solutions should be a major vehicle for small and medium sized recruitment businesses in particular to gain incremental growth and support. However all too often these solutions are feudal and inequitable leaving the supply chain disengaged and sceptical. 

David Thornhill, CEO of Infinity, identifies this as a missed opportunity. He explains, ‘Infinity is a solution that is committed to giving recruitment businesses access to incremental growth, but at the same time removing the risk, cash flow pressures, administration and compliance headaches that this growth can bring.’ 

Infinity represents a new approach to collective skills sourcing solutions and is delivering change through a philosophy of putting People First: employers, workers, recruitment consultancies and the broader community. 

For recruitment businesses looking for growth the solution is very compelling: 

Expand your client base instantly
Growth takes time and investment and doesn’t come overnight. Or does it? By partnering with Infinity,

recruitment business throughout the UK are gaining incremental growth without any of the usual cold calling, networking, meetings and speculation required. 

When you become an Infinity Recruitment Partner, you will gain immediate access to all job vacancies as soon as they become available. Via the GEMS system you can seamlessly view vacancies and submit candidates from anywhere at any time.

Manage cash flow
Managing cash flow is no more challenging than in a recruitment business; particularly one that offers temporary and contract labour. Your reputation and business rely on your workers being paid on time but you could be waiting for payment from your client long after the payroll has been processed. Indeed most managed service frameworks operate on a paid when paid basis, meaning you only get paid when the client pays the invoice. 

Not with Infinity. Timesheets are submitted via the GEMS system and, as soon they are approved by the client, Infinity pay the worker direct and at the same time pay you your margin. No waiting, no chasing, no juggling cash. 

Reduce administration
Payroll. National Insurance contributions. HMRC compliance. Raising invoices. Chasing payments. They all take time, cost money, increase your exposure to risk and take you away from running your business. As an Infinity Recruitment Partner all of this is managed for you meaning you are free to source the best candidates, develop your clients and generate new business opportunities. 

Get fair treatment
Managed service recruitment solutions are notoriously unequal. Recruitment businesses are often treated as transactional suppliers. They are micromanaged, squeezed on margin and overlooked in favour of preferred suppliers, affiliates and subsidiaries or relationships operating outside of the framework. 

With no affiliations to particular recruitment providers and a robust approach that prevents hiring managers even needing to look outside the framework for a satisfactory service, the Infinity approach will ensure all Recruitment Partners are treated fairly and with respect. 

If you’re a recruitment business looking for new growth opportunities with virtually no new business development investment required then you have nothing to lose from getting in touch with Infinity to find out more about our new approach to collaborative skills sourcing.