During the last recession a great deal of emphasis was placed on cost savings across all business functions, including resourcing. As a result managed service models became even more prevalent and there was a significant focus on cost. As procurement in particular drove cost down, recruitment consultancies, pushed to adhere to unsustainable margins were unable and understandably unwilling to work within such frameworks. 

Hiring managers went outside the frameworks, direct to unapproved consultants as recruiters within the framework couldn’t make it work for them. 

As a result managed service solutions, particularly agencies on the second and third supply tiers have become an unattractive business proposition. Despite their best efforts recruiters are restricted from delivering. 

But if managed correctly, such frameworks can offer very positive returns. Particularly for small and medium sized agencies with limited resources for whom growth requires time and investment they may not have.  

Infinity, the most recent and innovative entrant into the skills sourcing market, sees things very differently and is challenging outmoded approaches which disenfranchise recruiters, result in low service levels and ultimately poorer quality candidates. 

So what makes Infinity so different? David Thornhill, CEO of Infinity, explains, ‘It is the simple philosophy of People First that has been the catalyst and driving force behind everything we’re creating at Infinity. From our bespoke software, GEMS, our genuinely neutral process and our inclusive supplier terms, everything is focused on generating the best results for everyone involved.’ 

Genuinely Neutral
Infinity have no affiliations or preferred supplier partnerships so the process is completely fair and equitable. 

Engaging Payment Model
Carl Wale highlights, ‘we place a great deal of emphasis on creating an approach that is inclusive, respectful and motivating for our Recruitment Partners.’ This in turn will help to support and grow these businesses, get better engagement and ultimately better quality workers for the client. 

People Focused
Infinity is fully invested in relationships that give the best to get the best. David is single-minded about this, ‘Our vision is to support and add value not only to employers and recruitment businesses, but also the worker and the broader community.’ 

Transparent and Open
‘The fee structure is entirely transparent; everyone has total visibility on how it is structured and what is apportioned where’, explains Ian Knowlson.  

So, the theory of a fully engaged SME recruitment supply network, working collaboratively with a committed client to deliver a high quality temporary and contract workforce sounds too good to be true. But is it? Can Infinity really deliver transformation to an old and arguably failing model? Can it really offer something unique and genuine to recruitment and if so how?

If you’re a recruitment business looking for new growth opportunities with virtually no new business development investment required then you have nothing to lose from getting in touch with Infinity to find out more about our new approach to collaborative skills sourcing.