One of the biggest issues for recruitment businesses is how to increase their temporary recruitment business without being crippled by administration.

Having the time to complete candidate searches and the administration involved in temporary worker placement can mean the additional cost and risk outweighs the benefit.

But growth is the lifeblood of every business and this is a paradox that most recruitment businesses, particularly small and medium sized consultancies, face on a regular basis.

So can it be done? And if so how?

1. Have the New Business Come to You

Managed Service Provider solutions have become an unattractive proposition for recruitment businesses because treatment is often unfair. However the right solution can be very lucrative delivering new business opportunities direct to you without all of the sales effort usually required.

When you become an Infinity Recruitment Partner, you will gain 100% access to private and public sector recruitment frameworks and contracts that, as a small or medium size business, may not ordinarily be available to you. Via the bespoke cloud-based system you can view vacancies as soon as they become available and submit candidates from anywhere at any time.

2. Outsource Your Administration Processes

Payroll. National Insurance contributions. HMRC compliance. Raising invoices. Chasing payments. They all take time, cost money and take you away from running your business. And the more temps you place the more admin time involved

As an Infinity Recruitment Partner all of this is managed for you through the PeopleFlow process meaning you are free to focus on core business activities that deliver revenue and growth: source the best candidates, develop your clients and generate new business opportunities.

3. Manage Your Cash Flow

As we’ve seen, temporary supply can put an immense strain on cash flow. Your reputation and business rely on your workers being paid on time but you could be waiting for payment from your client long after the payroll has been processed. Indeed most managed service frameworks operate on a paid when paid basis, meaning you only get paid when the client pays the invoice. Chasing payments and managing cashflow can become a administrative nightmare.

Not with Infinity. Timesheets are submitted via the GEMS system and, as soon they are approved by the Client, both the worker and your margin are paid. No waiting, no chasing, no juggling cash.

4. Collaborative Client Relationships

Managed service recruitment solutions are notoriously unequal. Recruitment businesses are often treated as transactional suppliers. There is little direct engagement with the Client, as recruitment businesses are micro-managed, and this makes filling a role quickly and effectively very difficult. Often increasing the workload to get the right candidate and meaning that a lot of work to source skills is wasted.

At Infinity, We have no desire to micro-manage or control contact between key stakeholders. We actively facilitate and encourage open and direct communication between employer and Recruitment Partners because we believe this delivers better skills sourcing solutions.

5. Reduce Your Risk

Recruitment agencies are exposed to significant risk from a compliance perspective when dealing with temporary workers, which in turn puts pressure on time and resources. Engaging with the right managed service solution will ensure your business is supported through the compliance minefield to ensure your business risk is minimised.

If you’re a recruitment business looking for new growth opportunities with virtually no new business development investment or additional administration required, then you have nothing to lose from getting in touch with Infinity to find out more about our new approach to collaborative skills sourcing.