Research by the REC records that in the financial year ending in 2014, the recruitment sector grew by 8.2% to 28.7 billion, a trend industry experts see continuing into 2015 and beyond. At the same time over 4,000 new recruitment businesses were set up in 2014. The vast majority went on to trade and contribute to this industry growth, however a significant number were not successful for various reasons. 

At the same time, whilst the industry is growing, skills shortages continue to be a major issue across most sectors. Youth unemployment is extremely high on the political agenda and the issue of worklessness – the working age population who are out of work in the UK – has been, and continues to be, a key area of debate.

David Thornhill, founder and CEO of Infinity, believes that small and medium sized recruitment consultancies hold the key to addressing some of these issues, which in turn will fuel the continued growth and improved survival rate of new and existing recruitment businesses.

‘It is their local knowledge and focus, niche industry expertise, and longstanding relationships coupled with a determination and hunger to survive which sets many SME’s apart. However, all too often, it is these smaller enterprises that are held back by traditional approaches to resourcing,’ asserts David.

Managed service recruitment solutions should be a major vehicle for SME recruitment businesses to gain incremental growth and support, however these solutions are characterised by a feudal and inequitable approach which leaves the supply chain disengaged and sceptical. 

David passionately believes that this is a missed opportunity and an inclusive, respectful approach to SME’s delivers better business solutions and stronger growth. It is for this reason, that he has brought together some of the leading recruitment industry experts to create Infinity. 

Infinity represents a new approach to collective skills sourcing solutions and is delivering change through a philosophy of putting People First: employers, workers, recruitment consultancies and the broader community. David is very clear on the straightforward and practical ways that this change will come about:

‘This new generation skills sourcing solution will only work if it is founded on transparency, collaboration and respect, ‘ explains David. ‘Effective skills sourcing has a significant and positive impact on the broader community. At Infinity we value our role in supporting the creation of sustainable, effective talent pools with the relevant skills to create stronger communities, and support the growth of local businesses’. 

The Infinity Team 

Infinity brings together a group of professionals each with long established recruitment industry track records. With collective experience exceeding 100 years in recruitment outsourcing solutions they are bringing this wealth of experience together to support SME’s through times of change. 

David Thornhill, for one, is extremely proud and supportive of the team he has in place, ‘I don’t think there is a better, more innovative or collaborative team of people working together in the UK at the moment. A group who all passionately believe in, and are supremely capable of, delivering real change in skills sourcing solutions.

Ian Knowlson has had an impressive career to date spanning nearly 30 years in recruitment, talent acquisition, sales and training, including 11 years as Sales Director for a multinational resourcing consultancy. Having spent the last 4 years working specifically with small and medium sized recruitment businesses to help empower them to create sustainable growth models, Ian is passionate about the future of the industry. 

Carl Wale brings over 20 years of experience winning recruitment contracts totalling over £1billion in value in the public and private sectors. He understands how to create skills sourcing solutions that deliver to the needs of everyone involved. ‘SME’s are the lifeblood of recruitment now and for the future. Forming strategic alliances, and collaborations are a better use of their resources. The status quo is changing’.   

And the fourth member of the senior management team, Kim Tomlinson, has an unrivalled, invaluable and in-depth knowledge of the managed service resourcing landscape and all aspects of on-site management and recruitment outsourcing. She has managed multi-million pound contracts supplying thousands of temporary and permanent workers 

If you’re a recruitment business looking for new growth opportunities with virtually no new business development investment required then you have nothing to lose by getting in touch with Infinity to find out more about our new approach to collaborative skills sourcing.