Historically managed service recruitment solutions have failed to engage a broad base of recruitment consultancies and therefore have not delivered the volume of high quality labour needed.

At Infinity, we place a great deal of emphasis on creating an approach that will engage and motivate our Recruitment Partners. We pay the worker as soon as the timesheet is approved and manage the credit control to reduce administration. We pay the recruitment business their margin upfront – no pay when paid terms – to help support and grow their business, get better engagement and ultimately better quality workers.

In addition, we actively facilitate and encourage open and direct communication between employer and recruitment consultancy because we believe this will deliver a better skills sourcing outcome.




When you engage with Infinity, you are engaging with an approach that actively supports growth in the community. Through increased local employment, improved community services and facilities, and growth and support of small and medium size recruitment business, together we are addressing key social issues. Issues like youth unemployment, community care, worklessness and skills shortages.


The GEMS system, which underpins all of the Infinity services, ensures full visibility at every step of the recruitment process. We have robust checking processes to ensure all workers are fully compliant – the correct work permits and qualifications for example – and by taking the worker on as a direct employee we ensure full HMRC compliance.

Skills sourcing is completely seamless through the straightforward and intuitive GEMS system, which provides you with easy to access and interpret management data. It is cloud-based so you can action, manage and fill positions from anywhere at any time.