Our neutral vendor solution is genuinely neutral. We don’t have a parent company with a group level interest in a recruitment agency or any supplier affiliations.  

Our model supports and fully engages small and medium sized recruitment business with friendly terms and immediate payment of worker and agency margin on timesheet approval. We provide 100% visibility of all our rates, encourage direct communication between Employer Client and Recruitment Partner and reduce risk by ensuring full HMRC compliance. As a result we have a motivated, positive, well-qualified supply chain that will source the best workers. The model is supported by an innovative, cloud based system – GEMS – which facilitates a seamless and straightforward process from initial vacancy to final invoice.





The Skills Hub by Infinity, is a community skills creation and exchange solution focusing on sustainable outcomes that support the total community.  

By engaging and bringing together the entire skills community: employers, workers, recruitment businesses, community groups, Job Centre Plus, training institute and BIS and ERDF funded SME growth initiatives, we are able to understand and focus our solutions on specific local skills sourcing challenges. Facilitated by GEMS, our software for connecting people, The Skills Hub creates self-sufficient, sustainable and enterprising communities that grow and support local businesses and up-skill local people. As a result we are able to tackle issues such as youth unemployment, worklessness, community care and skills shortages.











The process is seamless from the initial vacancy request, sourcing and compliance checking of the worker through to prompt payment and invoicing. 

As the engine of the UK’s most innovative and genuinely neutral skills sourcing service, the PeopleFlow™ process is a real-time, risk free approach facilitated by our software, GEMS. It is designed to fully support and engage small and medium size recruitment businesses; ensuring they and the worker are treated fairly and the employer gets the best workers.

 This real-time service ensures immediate access and response to your vacancies and total control and visibility over the total recruitment process.  We want to ensure we offer scalability and improvement opportunities. This is achieved through ongoing and rigorous Recruitment Consultancy service reviews and thorough, straightforward management data that will inform strategic workforce decisions.









We have no affiliations, subsidiaries or bias to any Recruitment Partners. The process is completely fair, equitable and transparent. All of the Infinity Recruitment Partners have access to 100% of the vacancies ensuring everyone has the best possible chance of filling each role with the best person. And when a neutral solution is a critical business policy, we ensure it isn’t undermined.


We place a great deal of emphasis on creating an approach that will engage and motivate our Recruitment Partners. We employ the workers direct to reduce risk and improve HMRC compliance. To simplify the process, we pay the worker upfront as soon as the timesheet is approved. And we pay the recruitment business their margin at the same time – no pay when paid terms – to help support and grow their business, get better engagement, ensure clients receive a better level of service and ultimately better quality workers.


We are invested in relationships that give the best to get the best. Our aim is to get our Employer Clients the absolute best people when they need them. We believe this can only be achieved through a collaborative, transparent and respectful approach to everyone involved. Our objective is to support and add value not only to employers and recruitment businesses, but also the worker and the broader community.


Our fee structure is open book; everyone has visibility on how it is structured and what is apportioned where. We have no desire to micro-manage or control contact between key stakeholders. We actively facilitate and encourage open and direct communication between employer and Recruitment Partners because we believe this delivers better skills and sourcing







Infinity skills sourcing solutions are driven by GEMS, our bespoke software. GEMS is not just the most advanced and comprehensive technological solution available. As with everything we do, it has been created with people in mind. The result is a straightforward and intuitive system that makes the skills sourcing process completely seamless, provides easy to access and interpret management data, and is scalable to allow recruitment businesses to grow within its framework. GEMS is cloud-based so you can action, manage and fill positions from anywhere at any time, on a mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet.